(Specific For Coryza Cough Cold And Sore Throat)
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Specific For Coryza Cough Cold And Sore Throat
Adhatoda vasica 60 gm. Zizyphs sativa 1.5 gm. Glycyrrhiza Glabra 0.75 gm. Piper Nigrum 1.5 gm. Onosma Bracteatum 1.5 gm. Cordia Dichotoma 2.25 gm. Vitis Vinifera 1.5 gm. Ephedra Gerardiana 3.75 gm. Achyranthes Aspera 3.75 gm. Solanum Surattense 3.75 gm. Cane Sugar q.s.
5 to 10 ml. with hot water or as directed by the Physician.
Use before three years from Mfg. Date

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