(Useful in sour belching, indigestion, gas, colic)
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The use of kshar make the digestive system well, removes constipation & loss of aptitite is removed, motion becomes regular & clear, it remove stomach ache, gas problem, acidity and such other disease. If a person mabist our of different places day by day there use of it removes the disease coused by the change of water of different places. It is also goo din, taste & proves to be verygood medicine for all types of constipation problem.
ZINGIBER OFFICINALE 94 MG. PIPER LONGUM 47 MG. PIPER NIGRUM 94 MG. SODII CHLORIDUM 116 MG. UNAQUA SODIUM CHLORIDE 116 MG. FERULA NARTHEX 23 MG. CUMINUM CYMINUM 94 MG. SHANKH BHASMA (R.T.S & S.P.S 1st Part) 94 MG. Ammonium chloride 94 mg. Yawakshar (R.T.S. & S.P.S. 1st Part) 94 MG. Potassii nitras 77 mg. Nimbu Satwa 57 mg.
2 gm. to 3 gm. with warn water. Morning & evening or after food at this time of stomacheche, at the times of constipatiori kshar should be mixed in warn waters.
Use before two years from Mfg. Date
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